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I'm Merijntje, a DevOps engineer from The Hague area in The Netherlands. I've been working with Linux and servers since I was 14 years old. Over the years, I tinkered around more, and later I got my first job in IT at Ericsson. There I was amazed to find that what I was doing for fun, I could actually make a living off. At Ericsson, I’ve engaged with lots of different enterprise technologies and methodologies and I got further excited about the field. Working mostly in the Telco/ISP industry has significantly broadened my horizon.

After being developing my tech skills for years, going from Solaris administration, the virtualization-bubble into the infrastructure-as-code-revolution and now onto big data, I've seen a lot of different angles and learned a lot of new technologies. In every role I've fulfilled, I always had to work with other departments and engineers to come up with the best solution for the client. I've always been excited to introduce myself to new tech and figuring out how to make it run in a business environment with the right reliability and scalability. I noticed that I had another skill which proved useful. I spent more and more time focusing on my communication and other soft skills. I believe that soft skills can turn a good engineer into a great engineer. It's much more effective to work with customers and to deliver what they need if you have good communications with them.

Now I'm available for DevOps projects related to infrastructure, big data, Linux and enterprise applications. My skills are further outlined in the sections later on this page.

Now I survive as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem and no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire... Merijntje


Implementing, troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization and improving platform components, using Linux with a wide variety of open source tools, container orchestration, networks and storage with integrated security management and load balancers to deliver the best solution for a client.

Big Data

What I like the most about the Big Data is the getting the most performance out of a platform and optimizing manageability. Using Kafka, Zookeeper, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana, Cassandra and Graphite I help clients to build new big data platforms, manage the platform’s capacity, troubleshooting and improving the platform’s functionality.


As a fan of the efficiency (aka. a good sysadmin is a lazy one), I like that the infrastructure as code (IaC) limits repetitive tasks and helps compliance. My knowledge of the Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Git and Terraform helps me to enable my clients to quickly set up a complete infrastructure, to deploy same configurations over and over, track the changes of each configuration and essentially lower the total cost of infrastructure management.

Hardware & Cloud

• Azure
• Cisco UCS C220/C240
• HP DL380, 9000 D-Class
• Sun/Oracle M-series
• Sun/Oracle Enterprise Series
• Sun/Oracle Fire series
• Sun/Oracle T-series
• Sun/Oracle X-series



• Solaris
• Red Hat
• CentOS
• Debian
• Ubuntu
• NetApp
• Ceph
• VMWare vSphere
• Proxmox
• LDOM & Zones
• bind9
• PowerDNS


• Kafka
• Elasticsearch
• Logstash
• Kibana
• Zookeeper
• Mesos
• Flume
• PostgreSQL
• Cassandra
• Graphite
• Grafana
• Redis
• Apache httpd
• Nginx
• Tomcat
• Postfix

DevOps Tooling

• Git
• GitLab
• GitHub
• Subversion
• Jira
• Jenkins
• Prometheus
• Nagios
• Kubernetes


• Chef
• Puppet
• Ansible
• Terraform
• Test kitchen
• Bash
• Python
• Ruby

Curriculum Vitae


Freedom of speech on the internet is one of the biggest achievements of our generation. However, it is threatened by oppressive governments, censorship and network access inequiality. I believe _free_ internet access should be protected, and currently the best way a small organization can help in this cause is by donating servers and bandwidth to the Tor network.

The Tor network depends on volunteers to donate servers and bandwidth. The more parties and servers there are, the better the experience and the more anonymous the users of the network are. mtak Consultancy donates 276 TB of bandwidth per year to the Tor network. In the interest of full transparency, the configuration run by mtak Consultancy's Tor servers is public on GitHub.

Tor nodes

Statistics are updated every 15 minutes, showing a 1 hour average, to protect Tor users

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Please do not contact me for sales purposes.

Legalese: My company is a sole propietorship under Dutch law. This means that my company is not a seperate legal entity and I am granted consumer GDPR rights with regards to my personal information. My name, address, phone number and email address are all personal data, hence arbitrary data collection is not allowed. With above disclaimer that I'm not interested in sales, there is no legitimate interest under the GDPR that constitutes storing my data.
Violators will be reported to the Dutch privacy authorities.